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Quality Media Resources, QMR, produces training videos on HR topics including sexual harassment, general workplace harassment, diversity, conflict management, dialogue, customer service, legal issues, ethics, legal and appropriate use of e-mail, leadership, management skills, dialogue, communication, coaching, mentoring, providing performance feedback, hiring, change management, the ADA, termination, and many other human resources training topics. QMR also distributes HR related CDs and online learning programs on sexual harassment, workplace harassment, legal compliance and other human resource issues.

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What people are saying

Quality Media Resources is a company that listens to our clients and visitors. Below are some comments we have received about our products and services. If you have a comment or want to voice your opinion about us please contact us.


I really like this production house. I have received so many complements from the "Dialogue! Now You’re Talking Series". I’ve purchased "AWESOME!" from Business Performance Group because I liked the two segments from the two different perspectives (Gen Y and Managers) … I also liked how the video kept moving and demonstrated the pace with which these employees operate. The content reinforced the research I have seen regarding this generation so I appreciate the consistency.

Gale Mote
Training Consultant

Quality Media Resources has delivered big time with “AWESOME!”. Two videos for one good price – excellent value. Ten minutes of 20+ Gen Y employees sharing what to do and NOT do, great insight to their perception, backed up with quick cuts and fun music. This is followed by an equally well done ten minutes with the mentors and bosses of Gen Y.

About 70% of our 6,000 employees are Gen Y, I have been using this video throughout our company for two months and the reception has been the best I’ve seen in 10 years. My 17 year-old son thought it was the best Generation Y video he has seen – and I have shown him a few. Special thanks to the folks at Business Performance Group for recommending this great video.

Andrew Arvay
Director of Employee Development
U.S. Beef Corporation

Insights to Better Mentoring

An absolutely enjoyable and realistic look at how mentors impact protégés — great for students, professionals and top executives. Mentoring can help anyone at any level and this DVD really shows you how it works.

Ellen Ensher, Ph.D.
Co-author, Power Mentoring,
Associate Professor, Management, Loyola Marymount University

I think it is the best packaged video resource on mentoring that I have seen. Thanks for your work.

Walter C. Wright, PhD
Author of "Mentoring - The Promise of Relational Leadership"
Executive Director, De Pree Leadership Center

Dialogue - Now You're Talking!

Our managers have been participating in this training for three months now….   This is truly the best video training series I have ever seen - compelling content enacted so believably and professionally!
Kathy Barrett, Operations Mgr.
Workforce Centers of the Rural Capital Area
Round Rock, Texas

The new videos are AWESOME!! I think they're your best work! The dialogues were so realistic, I got nervous watching the conflict. Congratulations! I want to use the video in a session I'm doing soon with some supervisors.

LueRachelle Brim-Atkins
Training Consultant

I just got my Dialogue package yesterday. All I can say is — SUPERB. With the exception of some John Cleese videos from years back, I’ve hated nearly every “training film” I’ve seen over the years. These, however, are absolutely terrific.

Gary Winters, Management Consultant
La Mesa, CA

I teach conflict resolution to HR graduate students and workplace mediation to HR professionals. After reviewing Dialogue - Now You're Talking! I am excited to incorporate the tapes into my classes. QMR has produced an exceptionally fine resource for those of us who teach the professionals.

Don Fobian,
Director of the La Jolla Center for Dispute Resolution and Associate Professor, Chapman University College
San Diego, CA

We have found the videos "Dialogue - Now You're Talking!" to be very informative and applicable to our organization. 

Joe N. Harris
Deputy Director
San Diego Metropolitan Wastewater Department

The 5 Values of GREAT Customer Service

I have been using your video "The 5 Values of GREAT Customer Service" for the past 2 years in an acute care hospital and other health care settings. It is the best learning tool I have seen or used! The content is relevant for inclusion in diversity awareness and cultural competence training as well. I have recently gone out on my own and will be working as an OD and leadership development consultant across multiple industries. I would like to tell you that the purchase of the video is my first purchase as an independent consultant! I will be using this in multiple industries, including health care, other service industries, banking, and academia. I want to thank you for developing such a great product! I will be looking at your other products as I build my practice.

Anne M. Fryer,
FRYER Consulting
Medfield, MA

Succeeding at Work-The Adventure Begins

It's GREAT!!!!!! Fun but gets the point home. Congrats. What more can I say but "WOW!"

Gary Lear
Resource Development Systems

Outstanding program... I'm not usually "moved" enough by a new video to write, but I'm making an exception. I was skeptical because of format, but you've handled it very well. I found it very entertaining and informative at the same time... a rarity in training videos.

Dean Pichee
Business Training Library

Subtle Sexual Harassment

Thank you for producing such an excellent video training package on Sexual Harassment. Your video training program sparked a discussion among our executive team and as a result, we are revising our Sexual Harassment Policy and have ordered enough copies of the video to share with our entire management team.

Patricia Palmer
Manager of Training & Development
Unigard Security Insurance Co.

The training format forced managers to come to grips with the concepts of quid pro quo and hostile environment; and, more importantly, to decide how they would/how they will react. Excellent program!

James Lopp
Staff Development Specialist
Texas Dept. of Human Services

Your tapes are excellent. We cheerfully endorse your product. It is easily the best we have seen. Please feel free to use the enclosed address list to pitch our colleagues.

Stan Shields
Special Emphasis Program Manager
Department of the Army

The scenarios are realistic, dealing with the kind of ambiguities I see in real life complaints instead of painfully obvious melodrama.

Marjorie Hillson
Program Manager - Diversity/Sexual Harassment
Group Health Cooperative

"This is an excellent program and stands out in the market place. (Believe me, after dozens of preview, I know!). I particularly liked the balance of male and female viewpoints, the emphasis on the subtleties of sexual harassment, and the credible de-briefing of the scenarios."

Carol Briant
The Adobe Group

The ADA on Video

These videos stand head and shoulders above others I have seen on the same topic. Your product is accurate, the presentation is clear and the extensive use of persons with disabilities is to be commended.

Paul Wysocki, Chair
Governors Committee on Disability Issues and Employment
State of Washington

The New Workplace

The video was excellent and fit perfectly with a leadership course we were instructing. Thank you again.

Ian Saylor
Senior Associate
Coopers & Lybrand

I showed "The New Workplace" to my Management for the 21st Century class of MBA's. The response was overwhelmingly "excellent" and "well done." The use of the tribal elder story teller was quite unique -- a simple story to reinforce points. The production overall was outstanding.

H.B. Stephenson, Ph.D.
Director, Entrepreneurship Center
Seattle University

Secretary Reich passed me your "New Workplace" video series. I was very impressed by the quality of the videos and I feel they will be of tremendous use to practitioners attempting to make the transition to high-performance workplaces. The workplace leaders featured in the videos were very impressive, and the use of folktales as a narrative tool was very imaginative.

Scott Ralls
Policy Specialist
US Department of Labor

Recently, my organization purchased a video training package titled "The New Workplace" and had the opportunity to use it during a training session at an out of town location. The training session was a great success partially due to your excellent training package. Please accept our heartfelt thanks and appreciation, and know that next time we are in the market to purchase materials of this sort, your company will be at the top of our list.

Susan Skaer
Educational Services Director
Texas Dept. of Human Services

The Respectful Workplace

These are excellent tapes. Very appropriate. They should be seen by all employees.

Iva Sanders
USDA Forest Service

The situations presented in the videos are realistic and, in one way or another, hit a chord with our managers and supervisors. The emphasis on respect rather than "do not harass" provides a more effective framework for discussion and understanding. I continue to believe it is the best video on creating a workplace that is respectful to everyone.

Alice McGrath
Training Manager
Sees Candies

"Opening the Right Doors" and the rest of the trilogy is far and away the best I've seen to raise awareness and establish an expectation for respect in the workplace. Excellent tool. The highest quality!

Robert H. Barry, Jr.
Staff Leasing

You Can STOP Harassment

The You Can STOP Harassment programs were very well received and I would highly recommend this program to anyone.

Cathy Hardwick

The videos are great and we look forward to using them in our training.

Alicia Schwarz

I consider the video series "You Can Stop Harassment" to be a valuable tool in management training sessions.

Larry Hannah,
Chief Labor & EEO Counsel
Litton Industries Corp.

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