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Quality Media Resources, QMR, produces training videos on HR topics including sexual harassment, general workplace harassment, diversity, conflict management, dialogue, customer service, legal issues, ethics, legal and appropriate use of e-mail, leadership, management skills, dialogue, communication, coaching, mentoring, providing performance feedback, hiring, change management, the ADA, termination, and many other human resources training topics. QMR also distributes HR related CDs and online learning programs on sexual harassment, workplace harassment, legal compliance and other human resource issues.


The New Workplace

The New Workplace

In the old workplace, we expected the work we did to stay the same. Change happened when we changed our jobs. In the new workplace, we can expect the work we do to continuously change in an ongoing effort to better serve our customers. We participate in a dynamic, never ending process of learning.

The skills we need in the new workplace have changed dramatically. The expectations employers and employees have of each other would not be recognizable to our parents. Opportunity competes with fear as our organizations down-size or transform and we each struggle with the new realities and how we fit into them.

This extraordinary 2 video training series brings together a distinguished collection of practitioners and researchers who are leading private and public sector organizations through these fundamental transformations. CEO's, managers, line workers and consultants discuss why these changes are occurring and how they impact employees and managers alike, sharing their visions of how we can most benefit from the turbulence we find ourselves in.

Series Objectives

The New Workplace has been designed to promote thinking and discussion in a wide range of work environments, including public and private sector organizations large and small. If a company or agency is facing change processes stemming from technological advances, global competition, downsizing and/or a stronger focus on meeting customer needs, it can benefit from this training resource.

Program Contents

Each of the programs, Making the Change (24 minutes, for all employees) and Leading the Change (23 minutes, for organizational leaders), are divided into major concept themes, and each of the segments are tied together by an animated folktale. With both videos, a distinguished collection of practitioners and researchers - leaders on change - join in conversation with CEO's, managers, line workers and consultants. They share their vision of how we can most benefit from the turbulent process we find ourselves in.

Change breeds fear. The best way to address these fears is to open a dialogue within an organization, admitting to what we know and, more importantly, what we don't know.

Flexible Training

The New Workplace has been designed to adapt to the individual training needs of your organization. Each segment of the video can be viewed separately and the suggested questions, exercises and activities in the guide used as part of a facilitation process. If all the material contained in the guide is used with The New Workplace videos, it can constitute a two day training program.


One of the unique components of this series is the integration of an animated folktale in each program. These allegories help participants to refocus the discussion and look at their immediate problems and issues differently. The combination of this more abstract approach with the very specific, practical discussions in the program make for a comprehensive training tool.

Support Materials

The videos are accompanied by a 46 page Facilitator's Guide. This flexible Guide includes 9 participant handouts, a bibliography, a dictionary of new business terms, activities, exercises and questions for discussion. With the purchase of The New Workplace series, Quality Media Resources, Inc. grants you license to make as many copies of the Facilitator's Guide or the handout pages as your organization needs.

Comes complete with a Facilitator's Guide and participant handouts.
Available in versions for unionized and non-unionized workplaces.
Leading the Change is also available in French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese.

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