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Don't Panic



Panics come in many shapes and sizes. Their common denominator is that they are never helpful. Whether in your work or personal life, to panic is to lose perspective and succumb to fear. This often leads to poor decisions, lost focus, paralysis and a bad outcome.

Don’t Panic! was created to help people within organizations handle stressful situations in a way that is positive and productive. We present 5 key elements of a constructive response to circumstances that might intimidate or frighten us. Designed to be used in a work or academic environment, the principles of this program can also be applied in our
personal lives.

In this entertaining and thoughtful video cooking serves as a metaphor for working through a challenge together, as nine fascinating people who have successfully navigated stressful situations at work come together to cook a meal. After the flames die down, the participants enjoy the meal they’ve created and share what they’ve learned from their dialogue.

Program Contents

The program examines five key morsels of advice:

  • Know Yourself
    Know what you know, what you don’t know, and the difference between these. Self-awareness is critical to successfully navigating challenges.
  • Build Support
    Develop a network of people you trust and who trust you. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback and support.
  • Assess Your Situation
    Realistically assess the situation you face. Filter noise and rumors from reliable information. Step back and interrogate reality.
  • Take Action
    Don’t be immobilized by fear. Be resilient in the face of a setback. Remember you always have options and that hope trumps fear. Look for opportunities in a crisis or difficult situation and pursue them.
  • Learn from Everything
    Look for learning opportunities even in what may appear as bad news. Every shadow has a light source. Find it. Learning is the ultimate benefit from a challenging situation.

Support Materials

Support materials include a comprehensive facilitation guide, reproducible handouts and PowerPoint slides for classroom presentation.

As with all QMR programs, this course is available for online Streamed Learning or as a classroom package on DVD.

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