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Quality Media Resources, QMR, produces training videos on HR topics including sexual harassment, general workplace harassment, diversity, conflict management, dialogue, customer service, legal issues, ethics, legal and appropriate use of e-mail, leadership, management skills, dialogue, communication, coaching, mentoring, providing performance feedback, hiring, change management, the ADA, termination, and many other human resources training topics. QMR also distributes HR related CDs and online learning programs on sexual harassment, workplace harassment, legal compliance and other human resource issues.

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Program Titles: English Video Titles

A Manager's Guide A Manager's Guide
A Manager's Guide is intended to provide new and experienced managers in public and private sector organizations with an overview of the fundamental skills needed to be successful in the work they do.
Americans with Disabilities Act The ADA Revisited
The ADA Revisited is intended to inform viewers about the opportunities and legal responsibilities organizations and individuals face under the Americans with Disabilities Act. It is an excellent way to allay fears and misconceptions about the ADA while sensitizing employees to the benefits of a diverse workforce that includes persons with different abilities.
Awesome AWESOME!
What makes Generation Y different? What experiences have influenced their attitudes, values and work styles? What do they need to be successful at work? How can organizations engage and inspire them to maximize their impact and productivity?

This two-part series explores these questions, which are becoming increasingly important as the largest generation in history begins entering the workforce.

Compliance is Just The Beginning Compliance is Just The Beginning
How do you make better ethical decisions at work? Just because a particular choice is legal does not make it right. Seeing legal compliance as the goal of ethics rather than the starting point can lead to poor decision making with disastrous consequences for the individuals involved and their organizations. Compliance is essential, but it's not enough.

This two-part program introduces a 3-step process we can each take when faced with a tough ethical choice to help us make the best possible decision.

The Diversity Series Dialogue - Now You're Talking!
This four-part series explores the rules and techniques that distinguish a Dialogue from other forms of communication, such as debate or negotiation. Through Dialogue we can surface the often unspoken assumptions, in ourselves and in others, that can stand in the way of effective organizational communication. In so doing we build mutual trust and respect.

The Diversity Series The Diversity Series
The Diversity Series focuses on the legal, ethical and practical issues companies and workers face in this dynamic new environment, demonstrating how we can use our diversity to enhance our organization's competence and performance.
Email Essentials

Don't Panic!
Don't Panic! was created to help people within organizations handle stressful situations in a way that is positive and productive. We present 5 key elements of a constructive response to circumstances that might intimidate or frighten us. Designed to be used in a work or academic environment, the principles of this program can also be applied in our personal lives.

Email Essentials Email Essentials
This program is intended to help employees in public and private sector organizations think through the appropriate and inappropriate uses of this powerful communications tool.
Insights to Better Mentoring Insights to Better Mentoring
Mentoring is critical in today's organizations, but how do you learn to be a better mentor? How can the people being mentored, the mentees, maximize the benefits they receive from their mentoring relationships?

Insights to Better Mentoring is an educational video that presents four successful mentors and their mentees in a revealing and insightful exposé of what works best in these complex but essential relationships.

The 5 Values of GREAT Customer Service The 5 Values of GREAT Customer Service
This program presents a values-based approach to serving diverse populations. Employees work on the communication skills needed to meet or exceed the service expectations of their diverse customers.
Millennium Coaching & Performance Feedback Millennium Coaching & Performance Feedback
Coaching & Performance Feedback Series is a 3-part training resource that provides managers, supervisors and team leaders with dramatized vignettes that address commonly encountered coaching and performance feedback issues.

Millennium Leadership Capsules For The 21st Century Millennium Leadership Capsules
Leadership Capsules for the 21st Century is an 8 part training series (7 parts outside the US) designed to assist managers, supervisors and team leaders in their efforts to draw a bridge between the management skills they need and the leadership concepts their organizations are embracing.

Millennium Leader as Mentor Millennium Leader as Mentor
As organizations move into the new Millennium, they are facing a need to pass information and learning from one generation of leaders to the next. This program explores how mentoring facilitates this essential knowledge exchange.

New Workplace New Workplace
The New Workplace helps organizations explore the changing relationships between employers and employees, and the new responsibilities both sides have to improve work processes, enhance productivity and continuously learn.
Sexual harassment at work is more than a legal issue. It is fundamentally a behavioral problem. PATTERNS takes on the behavioral challenge, arming employees and managers with the information they need to prevent sexual harassment and the tools that will help them to respond when incidents occur.

Respectful Workplace Respectful Workplace
The Respectful Workplace is a 3-part training series designed to help organizations address the behavioral and values issues that can allow conflicts to escalate and turn into negative, even dangerous situations.
Subtle Sexual Harassment Subtle Sexual Harassment
This production is intended to take the titillation out of sex harassment training and allow employees to go beyond the obvious cases most of us already recognize as wrong.
Succeeding at Work - The Adventure Begins Succeeding at Work - The Adventure Begins
This award winning production is intended to help new employees in public and private sector organizations explore the behaviors and interpersonal skills that will be essential to their success.

Training Scenes Library Training Scenes Library
The Training Scenes Library consists of 6 Volumes of training dramatizations addressing a variety of workplace issues. A panel of experts follows each scene with a discussion of the legal, psychological and business impacts of the issues presented.
You can STOP Harassment You Can STOP Harassment
You Can STOP Harassment is intended to encourage employees, supervisors, team leaders and managers in public and private sector organizations to take responsibility to help end all forms of harassment in their workplaces.

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