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What You Need to Know About Workplace Harassment

bluebullet.gif (56 bytes) Harassment is a form of discrimination where a person is subjected to threatening, intimidating, embarrassing, or other offensive behavior because of his/her gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, disability or some other distinguishing characteristic.

bluebullet.gif (56 bytes) Harassment usually occurs when there is a disparity of power between the harasser and the target of his/her behavior.

bluebullet.gif (56 bytes) Harassment is not always intentional, and doesn't have to be intentional to be illegal.

bluebullet.gif (56 bytes) Men can harass men, women can harass women, women can harass men and men can harass women. It's the behavior that counts - not the gender of the participants.

bluebullet.gif (56 bytes) A person can feel harassed even if he or she is not the intended target of the behavior.

bluebullet.gif (56 bytes) While not all harassing behavior meets the standard of illegal conduct, any workplace harassment is inappropriate and should not be tolerated.

bluebullet.gif (56 bytes) If you feel harassed at work or you are aware of incidents of workplace harassment, you have a right and a responsibility to confront the harasser if you feel safe doing so, or to report the harassment to a manager or an appropriate human resources person.

bluebullet.gif (56 bytes) It is illegal to retaliate in any way against an employee for complaining about or reporting workplace harassment.

bluebullet.gif (56 bytes) There is no room for harassment of any kind in a workplace where people value and respect each other. Harassment is the opposite of respectful workplace behavior.

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