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In the old workplace, we expected the work we did to stay the same. Change happened when we changed our jobs. In the new workplace, we can expect the work we do to continuously change in an ongoing effort to better serve our customers. We participate in a dynamic, never ending process of learning.

The Information Age. Globalization. Right-Sizing. Knowledge Workers. Workplace Re-engineering. New buzz words appear as rapidly as the technologies that are driving the organizational transformations they describe.

With these changes comes fear, insecurity and the promise of expanded opportunities. Those who are prepared for the demands of the new workplace may find a new employment world that respects the needs of the individual worker, balances work with family and other personal priorities and empowers each employee to use his or her intelligence, knowledge and skills. Workers will come together in self-directed teams to meet organizational goals they have helped set. The distinction between management and employees will blur in this new world.

Fantasy? Not according to a new video training package from Quality Media Resources. In The New Workplace - Changing Relationships Between Employees and Employers, CEO's, managers, line workers and consultants discuss why these changes are occurring and how they impact employees and managers alike, sharing their visions of how we can most benefit from the turbulent processes so many of us find ourselves in.

The presentation is interspersed with animated allegorical folktales narrated by a 70 year old Native American tribal elder. This combination of animation and thought provoking speculation on what the future will bring provides a basis for discussion within organizations grappling with down-sizing, re-engineering and a myriad of other changes.

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