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What is the next stage in diversity training? Many organizations are moving beyond the "value specific" training that was popular in the late eighties and toward a focus on communications issues and conflict resolution training to meet the needs of a diverse work force.

The US Army, the IRS, Kent State University and Prudential Insurance are among the hundreds of organizations which have begun using The Diversity Series, a 4 video training package from Bellevue, Washington based Quality Media Resources which was released in June.

The training these organizations are implementing is unusual in that it does not seek to eliminate conflict from the work place. Rather, the goal is to teach employees how to manage the conflict and turn it into a positive, productive part of the work experience while building respectful work relationships.

The programs focus explicitly on a variety of diversity categories including gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, language, religion, age and disability work place issues. The sexual orientation program is the first training video of its type in the nation.

This series also marks the first time that 5 of the country's leading trainers in the area of work place diversity have collaborated in the preparation of a single educational resource.

The Diversity Series features a broad range of human resource professionals from both public and private sector organizations and several highly theatrical vignettes. The tapes are accompanied by handouts and a flexible facilitator's guide that offers the trainer various presentation options.

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