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As part of its Contract with America, the US House of Representatives passed the Congressional Accountability Act. This law makes House members and their staffs subject to the same discrimination regulations as every other organization in the country.

Implementation of the Act will require that House Members and their staffs undergo training on how to work legally and effectively with people who are different from themselves. To accomplish this, the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer of the House is producing a marathon 10 hour video program to be broadcast on the internal House TV Network.

This program will feature a variety of presentations around Equal Employment Opportunity compliance issues. Among these will be "The Diversity Series" from Bellevue, Washington based Quality Media Resources, Inc. "The Diversity Series" is a four video set that explores the workplace issues that can arise when people of different races, ethnicities, and religions work together.

QMR producer Robert Rosell says the House is just catching up to training that is already widely used in public and private sector organizations around the country. "That people need to work on their conflict resolution skills is nothing new." he says. "What's interesting here is that this is a group of people who get into conflicts for a living. What a program like 'The Diversity Series' can do is help them discover ways to bring an element of respect to their conflicts and, hopefully, make them more productive."

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