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For years the annual performance review has been a source of fear and discomfort for those on both sides of the process. These encounters have traditionally been more about determining pay levels than about approving or improving performance.

“Many organizations are rethinking their performance improvement process,” says Robert Rosell, president of Quality Media Resources, Inc. (QMR), a training resources company in Bellevue, Washington. “They are looking at both positive and critical performance feedback as integrated into the day to day, moment by moment interactions in their workplaces.”

For these organizations, performance feedback is increasingly becoming a coaching function. It is also one that moves in various directions with peers coaching peers, team members providing feedback to their team leaders and so on. Coaching and performance feedback have become essential skills, forming the backbone of how teams communicate to maximize employee potential and advance learning.

To help managers, supervisors and team leaders work on these skills, QMR has released a video-based training package called Coaching and Performance Feedback Training Scenes. The video consists of 8 training dramatizations. Each of these scenarios begins by setting up a coaching or performance feedback situation culminating at a decision point. Here the participant is faced with 3 options as to how the scene should continue. Once their choice is made, the dramatized options are played out on video so the consequences of each choice can be explored. A panel of management and human resource experts reinforce the key learning points.

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